Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Dove "Morning Dove White" (1993)

1. Fallen
2. White Love (Guitar Paradise Mix)
3. Breakdown (Cellophane Boat Mix)
4. There Goes The Cure
5. Sirens
6. My Friend
7. The (Transient) Truth
8. Why Don't You Take Me
9. White Love (Piano Reprise)
10. Breakdown (Radio Mix)
11. White Love (Radio Mix)

This is one of those records which you remember being a bigger hit than it actually was. Perhaps that's because One Dove were all over the music press during 1993 and 1994, to the point where lead singer Dot Allison became something of an indie pin up. It's suprising indeed that "Morning Dove White" wasn't a smash as its mixture of dubby, lollopping rhythms and dreamy melodiousness sounds like a perfect meeting between The Orb, Cocteau Twins and Curve. Maybe it was just a bit ahead of its time. Death In Vegas would go on to record similarly stoned pop towards the end of the 90s, to great acclaim and even commercial success. It's no surprise Dot collaborated with them. Andrew Weatherall, who co-produced this with the band and engineer Jagz Kooner, is legendary for his soporific Balearic productions whether under his real name or recording as Sabres of Paradise. This album could be his best work though.

You won't, I suspect, do much in the way of dancing to this album. And it's not really a record to do the washing up to either. This is very much a record to light josticks to. At its best you might catch yourself singing along to some irresistible tune ("Fallen", "White Love"). But really this is a lazy, downtempo sort of album. It's quite wistful and sad sounding in places, and often is redolent of the trippier moments from Primal Scream's "Screamadelica". That's quite a compliment. It really consists of conventional enough pop songs which have been stretched out, like dub reggae mixes, or like floaty, extended jams. Two of its singles ("Breakdown" and "Why Don't You Take Me") did manage to scrape into the top 30, as did the album itself. Nevertheless, "Morning Dove White" is a bit of an overlooked classic.