Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reach for the Stars

This will keep you going for the weekend, it's some amazing pieces of music from Super Mario Galaxy, which for Ciaran's benefit is a video game! When done well, games can be the most captivating and immersive entertainment experience around (and so they should be given that the big titles have budgets to match movie blockbusters), and the full blown Mario titles represent a true purity in gaming (typical of Nintendo at their creative peak). For example, whilst the graphics are not the most technically proficient due to the limitations of the Nintendo machine, they more than make up for it in the incredible imagination in the visuals, creating a magical world for the children and adults who play the game. This was the first Mario game where a full orchestra was used for many of the tunes, and complements the majesty of the game with a fantastic soundtrack that could be described as 'celebratory' in tone. The first couple of tunes I've selected are the more serene, ethereal pieces (that reflect the levels set in space which they are used in). For the third piece note how the hookline from the previous piece is subtly used, this time creating a dramatic charge. Enjoy!