Thursday, September 04, 2008

Songs They Don't Play On The Radio...Anymore #2

Sophie Ellis-Bextor "Mixed Up World" (2003)

You may be wondering why I've resorted to posting lazy YouTube embeds this week. It's because I've moved out of my rented accommodation back to my parents for a couple of weeks (hopefully no more than that), and now don't have internet access at home. I expect to find a new place soon.

In other news, changes are afoot at State magazine. I like the magazine a lot. It seemed a good rival to Hot Press to me, so I'm a little bit disappointed that they now intend to give it away for free. Not that I've anything against free stuff you understand, it's just the feeling that people don't want to pay for good music magazines anymore. Free ones like Connected and Analogue (who I'm currently writing for) vary in quality quite wildly in my experience.

In other, other news...Annie's album "Don't Stop" has leaked but I haven't heard it yet. I don't want to spoil it for myself when it GETS RELEASED PROPERLY. If it gets released properly that is.

And now they're playing an even more moany and whingey, dull live version of Pink Floyd's "Mother" by moany whingey dullard Roger Waters in the internet cafe I find myself in. Time to make a hasty exit. Toodle-pip!