Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Without A Care In The World...

Crikey. A month is a long time in the "blogosphere" and the question that's on everyone's lips* is: oh Goldmine Trash, where have you been? So here, in twelve handy cut out 'n' keep steps, is a brief guide to what I've been up to.

1. I've moved house.
2. I've started to take driving lessons.
3. I've learned to cook (a bit).
4. I've decided I want to be an occupational therapist.
5. I've started applying for work experience in that area.
6. I've watched my flatmate have dreadlocks put in.
7. I've played the new Girls Aloud album about 30 times. OMG!!1! It's literally AMAZING! etc. As Popjustice would no doubt "have it".
8. I've been writing for, and copy editing, the new issue of Analogue.
9. I've been listening to that same flatmate learn to play the trumpet.
10. I've listened to another of my flatmates learn to play the saxophone. It is like living in a Steely Dan lyric: (i.e."I'll learn to work the saxophone/ I'll play just what I feel/ Drink Scotch Whisky all night long/ And die behind the wheel..." ) Well, hopefully not that last bit obviously.
11. Um...
12. That's it!

Here's an old tune. Listen out for Kevin Rowland right at the end.

*i.e. No-one's lips.